Small entrepreneurs should be how to avoid entrepreneurial risk

do venture capital this thing, will inevitably encounter a variety of risks, even if it is a small venture, how can we avoid these risks, we explore it together!

Jianfengchazhen — take the market blind small entrepreneurs if passive drift, pick up, without the light of day. In fact, the more developed the economy, the more progress of society, the more diverse the needs of the people more refined, there must be a large market there is no interest in large capital, no time to take into account or can not take into account the gap in the market. It is very suitable for small business. Therefore, small investors should jump out of the inherent, narrow, rigid thinking, grasp the rules of market operation from time and space more long-term, in-depth study of consumer demand, a blind spot take market. Such as the operation and the large store goods, complementary products; in addition to the three hundred and sixty rows of plant pets, water and other new industries, to provide consumers with multi-level goods.

choose project — not where lively where crowded small business should be big to small, operators must first consider business projects of cold and heat. Small entrepreneurs most bogey fool next year to see the next door, others do what I do, because this road is often impassable. While it is hot to what the results are often not to face a market with the industry giant, is to pick up the family has no water leftovers. Small entrepreneurs should avoid hot cold.

puerile – three Maori meal as the saying goes: "three Maori eat rice, seven Maori people starve to death." The venture capital is limited, the fear caused by the backlog of goods, capital turnover can be flexible, the heavier the burden, the impact of the next business.