What can be done at the stationery store

if you are in the off-season, just complain while waiting for scarce customers to come, so I am afraid that the store has been a long-term operation and development. Therefore, if you want to make a store to get long-term operation, but also need to take more business strategy in the off-season. So, what can be done in the off-season?

in the sales process, there is always time season, the off-season, to some extent, the market will have the cold period, this phenomenon is very normal, and how to deal with this situation is often the best time to catch up other stationery shop marketing. Then, to cool the situation and other shops to distinguish this test the owner of the wisdom of the stationery shop. During this period of time to recuperate, then we can do some specific to what?

1, internal rectification, Hwan new store

in general, stationery enterprises in the off-season to prepare for each product, mechanism, training and manpower, it can not only improve the sales performance and product visibility in the off-season, but also a solid foundation for the upcoming season. Thus, in the future competition Zhandexianji gun. For the stationery store is also the same, in the off-season to improve the lack of shops, such as small-scale re decoration, so that the appearance of a new look, new things always make people can not help but close. The first step of fashion is to attract consumers into the store, after the baptism of time, stores the image cannot make people feel while the sales season, find everything fresh and new, new decoration of stores, increase customer’s desire to buy, to attract more people into the store.

2, adjust the display, combing products

in the face of the era of eating, not a good face are embarrassed to do business. Small to stationery, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, red wine, coffee, bread, electronic products, large cars, shopping centers, home stores, model room. Have been inseparable from the display. Of course, the adjustment is not equal to all kinds of products will be displayed in a different position, is not equal to make only superficial changes from the head to the tail. Adjustable display must be objective, not in order to display and adjust display, adjustable display must think: this week the focus of selling what category? What to sell?

3, combing inventory, digest inventory

often adjust the display there is a benefit that can form a master stock custom, stationery is low value products, but because many students are seasonal products and impulsive consumer products, many products off the work more difficult, a pen sold 11 boxes, but after the 1 boxes may become unmarketable. Over time, the backlog of inventory is not to be underestimated. Therefore, the inventory is very important, in the off-season, the slow-moving items for sale and discount processing, you can accelerate the flow of funds, you can also make up for the season to prepare for the arrival of the season.