Small loans to achieve the dream of rural women to become rich

rural women can only work hard at home, harvest low, unable to improve family life. Now with the innovation and entrepreneurship activities to the countryside, coupled with various types of small loans and other policy guidance, the majority of rural women to find a new starting point in life.

Thanks to the

"small loans to help me build a 1000 square meters of housing, the solution I talked about the history of entrepreneurship, as pressing danger!" the mayor of Beipiao Gao Xiang four villagers Zhang Hongyan home face filled with joy and confidence. Today, Zhang Hongyan’s cattle farm on the right track, driven by her example, the village more and more women embarked on the road to breeding rich.

the city also focus on women small loans and "five project" and "million acres of agricultural facilities", "innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples" combination, support key projects, agricultural facilities and animal husbandry development. To increase efforts to support the large industry, take the "mode of production base + + farmer cooperatives + rich leaders, in 2014 created the provincial and Chaoyang Municipal Science and technology demonstration training base, urban and rural women in a typical drive, gradually embarked on the road to riches.