How to implement the 3644 working model in Bazhong

Bazhong in the process of economic development, according to the status quo of their own development, and actively develop relevant policies to promote their own development. Well, the implementation of the " in Bazhong; 3644" working mode is how one thing? For this new type of work to do a detailed understanding of the following.

three system rationalize organizational structure

improve the work system, the establishment of the city of non-public economic organizations and social organizations of the Party committee, with 1 secretary, 3 deputy secretary, and relying on the City Civil Affairs Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau established integrated party in non-public economic organizations and social organizations. Improve the leadership system, the Party committee established management zones of Bazhong city and set norms, the Department of party work, with full-time deputy secretary, has constructed the "1 (Park Party Working Committee (N) + n grassroots organizations, NGOs) leadership system.

improve the responsibility system, clear by the Party Organization Department is responsible for the lead in the total catch, Party committees (Party committee), responsibility implementation departments grasping industry guidance, park Party (workers) committee overall catch, township (street) party organization construction and will reveal all the details, responsibility for the implementation of the annual comprehensive assessment in Bazhong city.

"six models" to expand the coverage of

project incubation with the construction of the implementation of the investment projects (enterprises), the implementation of the "branch + Project + company" model, adhere to the development of enterprises and Party building work simultaneously. Alliance group build, the enclave Park, park enclave project, Party committee (Party branch) trial + Business Alliance (chamber of Commerce) + hub Organization (enterprise) group development model, organization construction, Party Union, China unicom. Garden building cooperation on food, medicine, tea, and other professional park trial "local party organization + Park + company" mode, promoting regional grid organization construction, grassroots governance and public service localization.

relying on mutual construction in modern industry, modern agriculture, eco industrial park (Forestry), tourist attractions (resort), cultural industry park for "party organization + Industry Association (chamber of Commerce, professional cooperatives) + main operating mode, promoting the development of industrial clusters. Choose ViewSonic in promoting construction, in Small and micro businesses (self-employed) and commercial buildings (supermarkets) are concentrated in key areas, divided party grid, select outstanding party instructors, for "block party organization + grassroots + main operating mode, the implementation of the party’s work full coverage. The network aggregation group built, in industrial park or some Internet companies, electricity providers (Network) and other Internet formats for households "network branch + company (Association) + (Network) model, cohesion integration network groups, promote the development of the Internet Party building.

up to now, Bazhong Industrial Park non-public enterprises and social organizations of the party organization dynamic coverage reached 7 recommended