Ji’nan steamed stuffed bun porridge house to join the cost of introduction

breakfast, steamed buns, steamed Rice porridge which has become a part of life Chinese people, is not let go. So open a steamed stuffed bun porridge shop must be a good choice, what kind of brand is worth you join? Xiao Bian recommended to you steamed stuffed bun.

guest house since the establishment of buns porridge, thanks to the manufacturers and customers friends to help support, the company gradually expand the scale, and achieved good results. Ji’nan alone has more than thirty chain stores. Here, on behalf of all my colleagues from the heart to you in my deep gratitude! As the saying goes: ten years in the same boat repair. Meet is the edge, intersection is the edge. All the staff of the company in the ten years on the road, the spirit of "people with convenient, convenient" value is work, the time and the manufacturers and users friends intimacy, sincere cooperation, together.

Ji’nan steamed stuffed bun porridge house to join the cost of introduction

is currently in Ji’nan, steamed stuffed bun shop is booming, is a very earned brand, then how much money to join this brand?

join fee is as follows:

provincial capital city 160 thousand

prefecture level city 110 thousand

county city 60 thousand

Township 30 thousand

a detailed introduction of the small, believe the brand franchise fees should be clear! If you still have what other problems are not clear please in the message of our website below, we see will contact you in the first time.