What are the five criteria for children’s English training

is not only adults crazy to learn English, a lot of children at a young age in the requirements of the adults reported a variety of remedial classes to learn english. However, there are a lot of children’s English training classes in the society, which leads to a careless mistake. In fact, as long as in accordance with the relevant standards, the choice can become more simple. So, what are the five criteria for children’s English training?

experts pointed out that the children’s English training market is the most irrational. The decision maker is the parent of the training service, and the user of the training service is the child. Therefore, it is difficult for parents to accurately evaluate the quality of training. Driven by market demand, children’s English training is inevitably mixed. Parents must practice a pair of eye, careful choice.

Bi Sheng English Center Chen Huiling teacher suggested that parents give their children to choose English training courses, you can start from the following aspects:

a look at the environment:

children’s English training object is a minor child, they do not have a complete ability to act. First of all, to maximize their safety. For example, the toilet should be used independently of the training course, and as close as possible to the classroom, to ensure that the child’s activities within the scope of the teacher’s control. The ground should have anti-skid measures to prevent children from falling.

for hot water to have strict management measures to prevent children from being scalded. At the same time, the training should also be on the social responsibility insurance for children in case of accidental injury insurance…… At this level, the class is not the first to face the students, but should be more consideration is that they are still children".

two test:

generally speaking, the children on the English training class, the first to be tested, the actual level of English has an objective evaluation, and then be able to determine the difficulty of child training courses. Tests include listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, phonetics and many other aspects. According to experience, such a complete test takes 45-60 minutes. If the test time is too short, it is difficult to understand the real level of English children, and the formal training or not on the big room for discussion.

three teaching skills:

adult English training is mainly taught by teachers and students. But children or minors, will not mature quality. Therefore, children’s English training is different from adults. In children’s English training, should be interested in training and teaching, and for different children have different priorities. For example, children with weak English foundation, the first is not to instill knowledge, but to cultivate interest. How long it takes to achieve a simple commitment is unscientific