Do you think a good business

due to multiple factors, many people are very easy to yellow or black teeth, smile, revealing a mouth of the ugly teeth, destroy the very image, so a start become a lot of people like to do things, and regular scaling, can also achieve the health care effect, so do a business in 2013 that will give you the business is hot!

The doctor in a doctor

the doctor for a loss of 4 months, suddenly one day, she put the dental clinic brand down for a piece, called "graceful scaling shop". Billboard said: this shop specifically for the health needs of teeth whitening to provide convenient, as long as you spend 30 dollars, you can enjoy 30 thousand times per second and ultrasonic high pressure water mist on the teeth brushed your teeth, 20 minutes, dirt, stones and plaque will be erased one thousand and two hundred net, you a white smile!