Angel wheel + Fresh electricity supplier $100 million electricity supplier entrepreneurship how to p

gorgeous published "time" is still not old, ideal resignation letter before the president of HUAWEI glory Liu Jiangfeng, officially announced in April 28th a new trend: his entrepreneurial fresh business platform!! has received $100 million in Angel round of investment.

$100 million, angel round, IDG collar cast, a consumer investment fund with investment. Even if the valuation of start-up companies soaring in 2015, an angel round only in millions of dollars level below. Liu Jiangfeng announced the $100 million Angel round, once again hit the ceiling of venture financing. Interview the NetEase of science and technology in April 28th, Liu Jiangfeng said: "now what is not" to create a new company called Dmall, located in O2O near life business platform, even his name card company address is not printed, only H5 pages at the beginning of test, the number of users, DAU (day) and other data no reference value.

such a huge investment is understood as the investor’s recognition of Liu Jiangfeng’s personal value. In 2014, Liu Jiangfeng led HUAWEI glory brand, sold 20 million mobile phones, $3 billion sales, shake millet foundation. A spent 19 years in HUAWEI’s players, brilliant performance, if the business, no matter what he did, I believe will be many investors chase.


problem is: why in the communications industry for 19 years Liu Jiangfeng will choose fresh cross-border business electricity supplier for the fresh start? How to avoid the heavy minefield? Really don’t need to bypass the electricity supplier giant iceberg "


with $100 million Angel round + Fresh electricity supplier, the former president of HUAWEI glory Liu Jiangfeng venture intends to play? NetEase technology April 28th interview with Liu Jiangfeng, on the above questions. Frankly, there are some problems of Liu Jiangfeng thought is not clear, but for investors, perhaps this is not important, it is important that this person has enough pattern of view, efficient execution and fast learning ability.

question one, why choose fresh electricity supplier cross-border venture

· this is Liu Jiangfeng since leaving the business, was asked the most questions.

entrepreneurship is sometimes not so much rational choice. Are you sure that you are in the right direction?. However, fresh electricity and electricity in the Chinese life has not been a giant of a large platform, mostly fragmented, and I think the O2O boom is to bring great opportunities and fresh electricity providers, consumers have largely to experience through the Internet to enjoy the line service, began to widespread to accept this concept of consumption. So it should be a good choice. Liu Jiangfeng half jokingly to NetEase science and technology answer.

Liu Jiangfeng said he was very optimistic about the fresh business platform, on the one hand, because there is no experience before, so the challenge is not small, but the Dmall and other O2O mode of the biggest difference is that the value of the line "and" line value revaluation". As for the preparation and the wind