Some hot pot eat more will affect human health you believe it

has a lot of all kinds of the brand Hot pot on the market today, so many consumers began to tangle, as the saying goes, so to eat Hot pot Disease enters by the mouth., it is also very important, which Hot pot should not eat? Let Xiaobian to let you down.

NO1. fans hot pot: a lot of fans in the production process will add alum, alum alum, which contains more aluminum. Eating a lot of fans, excessive intake of aluminum will cause damage to the central nervous system, abnormal behavior, mental retardation, unresponsive symptoms such as tremor and movement, and is likely to accelerate human aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

No2. super spicy Hot pot: too spicy Hot pot will make the digestive function of the spleen and stomach disorders, endogenous heat dampness, induced hemorrhoids or patients with hemorrhoids symptoms, constipation, hematochezia, prolapse of hemorrhoids and other symptoms.

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