Sign the contract four entrepreneurs can not understand

whether it is a housing lease contract or join the cooperation contract, entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial road will inevitably encounter a variety of contracts, but also to sign a different contract. Signing a contract is a very important thing, every entrepreneur should be cautious. Here to share the contract for four, entrepreneurs can not understand.

avoid a contract subject qualification is not strict.

two avoid contract deposit, the penalty is too high.

liquidated damages based on the agreement of the parties, not to default and actual damage conditions, does not need to calculate the loss and loss of proof of Laughton, the parties to the contract to apply. However, in accordance with the provisions of the 114th paragraph of article two of the contract law, the parties may request the court or arbitration institution to increase or reduce the losses caused by the breach of contract.

Bogey free contract under the jurisdiction of


free adjudication is the freedom of contract of course content. In order to prevent the occurrence of contract disputes, the parties are unable or unwilling to negotiate for the settlement of the situation causing both sides rely on interests can not be achieved, when signing a contract, the parties will generally be the contract agreement jurisdiction contract clause. In the case of agreement jurisdiction, the jurisdiction of the court of choice should not be violated in the civil procedure law. Jurisdiction can only choose the place where the parties to the contract, the place where the contract is signed, the place where the contract is performed, the subject matter of the contract