Summing up the operation ideas and profit models of local community websites

local website is one of the future trends of the Internet, and it will be fruitful to do a good job in local stations. But compared to national websites and trade stations, local stations have their own characteristics and development characteristics. How to promote, how to profit, how to become bigger and stronger, local stations have their own unique mode.

October 21st Admin5 Thursday edition chat activity, invite Fuzhou convenience net founder, founder of Mr. Bai Hui home together to explore the local community website operation mode, the finishing part version welcome discussion.

asked: our company is doing local buy site, is offline buy, users are relatively large year, or that young people are not much, so the forum is not active. Is there any way to get this part of us to join our website and forums? We’ve been doing it for almost six years, and it’s been a good line, but it’s never been ideal online.

: I think, mature online group purchase of your activities, has provided a very good publicity platform for you, or the network popularity accumulation! You can for your offline users, analyze, provide these people interested in the topic; at the same time, you can also use the network as a tool to provide they use, so that they need to solve the problem of the network, think of your


asked: "for any website, it is intended to affect the user’s online habits, in the user influence.". But how do you change the user’s online habits and influence them? Can guests give advice on "influence",


answer: habits are shallow, silent, and first of all, you should make sure your site positioning, and then to influence the user’s needs in your area.

asked: would like to ask, a small county portal how profitable? Or do not do a small county, directly to the municipal gateway,


A: I think that the profit regardless of the size of the city, or city level, like shop, small shops can make money, can survive! An important point, you do portal of the county, influential? Affect the urban residents living? Give you a reference site: Changting network it’s profitable, done a pretty good job! You can learn under.

asked: "I see your website, most of the home page is classified information, forums are also forum information.". I suddenly see the light, and now most of the grassroots local sites are limited to the PW, DZ model, home page calling the forum information. What do you think of the combination of the classified information and the forum?


forum, a lot of websites give it as a site supporting, because they see it as the recreation area! That combined with the classification of information channel, is the classified information website forum, the structure of is this! Fuzhou convenience net, you can understand, community based, information classification the channel is equivalent to the community one version >