Webmaster, where’s your right

just saw the hot article on Admin5. The blocked Chinese Internet was thought by CSDN. I’ve been through practice. Now to the real diary that a few days down, let everyone see, network, telecom, network monitoring, and the subtle relationship between our individual owners. I never asked for anything before, but these are my sad experiences. If there is any sympathy, please give me your opinion.

is another unlucky day, [7, 30,]

get up at 7 in the morning. At home in the morning, watch Sina News, admin5. Updated the contents of several stations. Made a little publicity.

goes out for dinner at 11:30. Go home and watch TV for a station. At 12, the net was broken. [bad luck 1: cold water]

is very boring and cleans at home.

12:30, the net is not good, so go out and call the telecommunications. He went to the countryside and couldn’t get through. Hit the telecommunications, saying that our side is broken, many people are being repaired.

got home and was depressed for a while.

designed the afternoon job.

sleep and wait for the network to be repaired.

to 16 p.m., not good yet. I’m in a bit of a hurry. Leaky house rain is really good ah


is really boring. Just go out and play. You can’t stay at home and do nothing all day. So to the District, amusement Xidang. Eat 2 popsicle. Make a call to telecom. No result. See a car is very cool, so with the past, Guangzhou Honda’s gray, the car slightly longer.

turned around and was bored and returned home. I suddenly thought, in my world, play, that’s the point, that is, walk in the district. I don’t know why I’m a little sad. So why, in the days of network, but I always do not work, drag, put a little thing dragged on for a long time? Always watch TV at home, looking for a long time, the rest of the day to work, but tired, has been tired of work efficiency, the body is not good, so sleep for a long time. It’ll be over in a day like this. One thing for a drag, less than 5 days, and more than half a month to do. Yes, some things are small, non trivial.

did not say, go to sleep, and so on, the Internet is good, and set up 1 stations.


why is it bad luck,


1, [29 yesterday, at 11 in the evening, I told a friend, "I’m going to hibernate for 3 months and do my exercises.". Since the previous period of time did not make any achievements, so I am prepared to use 3 months to make 1 good sites. It’s ambitious. But today [30 day] the net is broken. Like, I just come, is excited, the doctor said that my impotence. This is a serious blow