The content of the venture capital is not eliminated 300 thousand headlines monthly account of $30 m

content entrepreneurial venture seems to have not been in the past. Today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming drying out the headlines today, the establishment of the first anniversary of the transcript: 300 thousand accounts monthly account of $30 million, each month there are more than 50000 headlines income. There are 1020 creators, get more than $10000 per month in the headlines.


he made three judgments on the content of entrepreneurship, that the next business venture in the short video, the next 12 months today’s headlines to come up with the support of the short video content of 1 billion entrepreneurs.

drying data: 300 thousand accounts monthly account of 30 million yuan

in September last year, today’s headlines creators conference, the message is very clear message, is to make money from the media. At that time, Zhang Yiming said let 1000 headlines get 10000 dollars a month at least. In today’s event announced cash:

Zhang Yiming

in revenue, 300 thousand accounts monthly account of 30 million yuan

this time last year, the headlines have 35 thousand accounts, the platform is divided into 3 million yuan a month. Now, the headline number has 300 thousand accounts, including text, images and videos, including news media, individuals, government, companies and social organizations. The platform is divided into single month has reached 30 million yuan. This figure does not include media copyright cooperation.

currently has more than 50000 headlines every month to earn revenue. There are 1020 creators, get more than $10000 per month in the headlines.

month live users over 130 million

this time last year, today’s headlines have 300 million cumulative activation users, daily active users of more than 30 million monthly active users of more than 75 million, the average daily use of each user longer than 47 minutes. Headline reading content is 510 million per day, of which the number of headlines account for about 370 million, accounting for about 70%.

today, today’s headlines have a total of 550 million active users, 60 million active users, more than 130 million monthly active users, each user of daily use more than 76 minutes long, every day reading the total number is 1 billion 970 million, which is 1 billion 830 million times the number of reading headlines, accounting for over 90%. According to data provider QuestMobile data, mobile applications per capita monthly usage of the top 2 are: WeChat, today’s headlines.

content entrepreneurship under an air outlet in a short video

Zhang Yiming believes that the content of gold mining text can still, after a short video content business become the next outlet, the reason is: in the video of the "production" and "distribution" and "interactive" 3 links, great changes have occurred.

first production. Video production threshold has dropped to very low, most of the smart phones have been supported