Student stationmaster should go from here

, we are students. It’s the stress of learning from the webmaster. It’s the pressure in this family. (hold on)

that’s why we lived a different life than we did in the same year. We slept late and got up early. (hold on)

every day to see his own station, something happy, sometimes sad, who can understand this group of people living in the network of small roles?. (SAD)

we want to be a station. When we don’t understand some places, we would like to ask the big brothers and sisters in the Internet. Would you like to communicate with our group of children you think are innocent?

when we buy domain names in order to buy space, we only have one meal a day (do you know?)

I’ve given up before, but when I look at myself, I’m back. I don’t know if I’m living in the Internet. Where else can we stand?. We insist on this, I believe we will succeed,

friends, do not give up, even if only a little hope, we do not give up, persist in the end is victory,