Web path absolute success or failure (3)

web path absolute success or failure (3)

— answer a netizen to ask

, in the first 2 chapters of the web page’s absolute success or failure, many netizens made a good comment on my content. I would like to express my gratitude to you, whether I support or oppose the comments, I am willing to accept it with an open mind. After all, this is just my personal opinion. If there are any inadequacies, please give me your advice. Thank you again for your net friend.

The contents of the first 2 chapters of

are as follows:

web path absolute success or failure (1):/article/20080318/76534.shtml

web path absolute success or failure (1):/article/20080318/76539.shtml

is the main reason to write a chapter in my answer the first 2 chapters of the comments made to answer, but also said he is willing to accept the criticism of my opponents.

, in turn, answer the user’s comment:

1, the landlord eat bullshit!!!

answer: Louzhu do not eat that thing, you misunderstood the landlord.

review 2, boring. It’s a boring tip,


answer: I’m just a beginner. I’ve studied it for more than 3 years. I still learn something so superficial. Thanks to the reader’s criticism, I will study harder in the future.

comment 3, big brother, nobody goes back, search like that! You think you’re all a devil!


answer: I’m absolutely successful in web pages (1):/article/20080318/76534.shtml


", for example, uses the word "orsoon soft" to prove that the path is related to the search results of GOOGLE. I’m sorry I forgot to make a statement when I wrote it. Thanks for the advice of the friend.

comment 4, send AD is useless, Adsense nets do not give you hyperlinks!


answer: these 2 articles really contain AD components, but unfortunately, this station is not mine, and I just often go to this station to find some useful software, so it is handy to make a model. The "future software" and "FLASH station" mentioned in this article are not my website and I do not have the slightest interest in it. I am here to clarify.

reviews 5, SX one.. Baidu doesn’t see this at all. Layman bird //

answer: before I wrote, I really forgot to declare that this article is for GOOGLE. Thank you for your advice. But I’m not sure if Baidu cares about the name of the path, so I didn’t dare to say anything about Baidu without mentioning anything I didn’t know.

comment 6, you’re talking about English, the search for "Chaoyang" keyword how?