Webmaster do garbage station keyword positioning, cut don’t follow the trend

The so-called

garbage station definition I will not say here, different people have different understanding, maybe everyone is his own website to be affixed to a "trash" label, but in the dumpster or as I said before, all rely on Baidu even other search as the main source of the Alliance for hanging on the main profit point is referred to as garbage station. Well, today I’ll talk first, the novice in the choice of garbage when the entry point, do not blindly follow the trend,


was the first to do the dumpster in the short term, the purpose is to give yourself the site quickly bring good traffic, fairly objective income, do not pray can survive long, as long as there is money on the line, so those popular online, what Baidu billboard became do garbage of caution. If you can choose the keyword can even registered good SEO meters, can quickly seize a large number of IP in a lot of time, I have a friend in a very short period of time quickly put up a website IP from dozens of rapidly increased to 30 thousand of the traffic! So you can easily earn a small but if you put, inconsiderate, blindly follow the trend, blindly follow hot index go and will let you put a domain name and space can give you lost money.

, for example, just a few days before the swine flu epidemic, with insight into the webmaster see this news is not considered in the end how many people died in the epidemic, but how the first time is to check the index, check the domain name, and then quickly do a website, but one of my friends in this swine flu do a swine flu website (http://s.wugangzhongjia.com) is first made mysterious also told me that he got a very good keyword, I easily checked, obediently related search index more than 30 thousand, only ten, second days quickly reached ten, I don’t mention this friend is happy, if according to the common sense, to do this a keyword ranking is not too difficult, perhaps not a month can you think of Baidu home, hundreds of thousands of search, at least give you tens of thousands of IP And he was glad, but I was not optimistic, this kind of similar words, although the short-term index is very high because competition is not fierce, but the term heat is very short, sometimes even short of your site Baidu has not been included, his fever has passed, then your station is sentenced to death don’t say, fussing around and make money, even the domain name you have enough money, my friend the swine flu now Baidu has not included, and also reduce the index less, but the relevant search is N times before the beginning of the discovery.

The belle hacker

today on Baidu Billboard’s English (specific name, I do not write) Baidu search index has more than 20 thousand, only more than 2 thousand, so just look at the competition coefficient and search index, so it is a very rare a good garbage station starting point then check the domain name, com and even cn com.cn have been registered, in my opinion, unless your website can when >