The website hopes the dream, records you and the website intravenous drip, meets the hope spring

this is the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness; it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity; it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness; it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair." More than 100 years ago, British writer Dickens opened the book in the book of Shuangcheng with the words above. One hundred years later, face the painful reality, these words are still extremely elegant and valuable, set people thinking……

, this is Zhang Xiang in stationmaster magazine once said a paragraph of words. I feel like a real description of the current Internet environment. Adsense industry is a more alternative, eccentric industry. Weekdays, the webmaster in order to update the site, all day facing the computer, stay home, every day do stand late into the night, have become otaku, reality may be less friends. Not only bad health, but also the lack of communication with relatives and friends and colleagues. Always let others look strange. Stationmaster is a very weak career again, individual stationmaster often goes alone, without backstage, also do not have too much financial power, manpower to maintain prop up. The economic base is weak, the website all by personal efforts to maintain power, economic situation and policy change slightly, will greatly influence for the owners, so as a webmaster, in addition to their own efforts, it is important to a good Internet business environment. Now in such a harsh environment, I think our webmaster should join hands together to tide over the storm.

09 years after the economic crisis, China’s economy had signs of recovery, the recovery of traditional industries will be driven by the Internet advertising business growth, this basically rely on advertising for profit of individual owners is undoubtedly good news. From the situation of 09 years, the income of individual stationmaster also is in steadily grow slowly. Although there are nearly 1/3 of the owners are not profitable, but also saw the hope. Along with the increasing development of electronic commerce and Internet localization information needs of the owners have begun to slowly transition, do e-commerce industry website, personal webmaster up more gradually, this is a good sign, the upgrade also became personal webmaster circle future trend. However, in such a critical period of 09 years, the winter has ushered in a hitherto unknown, the Internet is great in strength and impetus of special rectification activities, changed between individual owners of the business environment to the webmaster overnight, the industry’s future cast a shadow.

is now in a porn site, illegal information network headed contradiction with the rapid development of the Internet is constantly stimulated, so the state decided to strengthen the supervision of the network, and at the end of 09, the implementation of a network inventory, YanZha room content, domain name registration and filing website. And promulgated some relevant laws and regulations, and tried to improve the legal aspects of the Internet content of the legal gaps. But network regulation in the fight against pornography, illegal information at the same time, management and policy changes, so that the interests of individual owners have been greatly affected. Some formal personal websites have also been temporarily or ">" because of incomplete information about the computer room or domain name information