Webmaster should pay attention to efficiency and mentality

1. Current website situation

more sites, it will be difficult to promote, traffic will be less. A variety of network spread propaganda website, I think that many webmasters have memorized, website is a very boring thing, the result is often disappointing. At the moment, website income is more and more difficult, most stationmaster is to eat by alliance. The network management has been gradually tightened and the advertising alliance has gone down. And it’s going to be "everyone has a website age".

at present, every day there will be a new website was established, also, there are many sites fall, the number of growth is always better than go down, just like Chinese population, as it goes, I think it is not difficult to imagine your website thoroughly popular, especially the Web2.0 drive, it will give professional website and website development friends bring the disaster, is the progress of science and technology, science and technology is sad. The friend that makes a full-time website does not have fixed income, wandering all over the network, hungry one is full.

tens of thousands of earnings this month, next month may yield several thousand, because during the period will experience Baidu sealed station baptism, drop right baptism, this is invisible to the owners of the heavy blow. Starting late webmaster, there is no profit in the domain name, not in Liuhe color, beauty, movies, text messages to get benefits, but do not enjoy the stop filing notice, the local station and the forum to the local public security bureau record two times, copyright issues will be more difficult to hit, after the Road, after all of the stations may charge, as water, groundwater also charges, even if their own wells. After the site into the management, will only give the webmaster bring unnecessary trouble and pain.

although the form is not good at the moment, but some people do web site, there are tens of thousands of visits a month. Some people do web site, a year can not do 1000 visits. Novice must be on top of the line, go beyond them.

two. Increase efficiency and reduce costs.

webmaster time is relatively small, relatively speaking, more lack of romance, should be no time to romance up. Some webmaster appear emotional crisis, some owners appear income, economic crisis what to save us, who who moved our rice bowl. Relatively speaking, the webmaster all has the crisis. Owners are busy all day, in fact, see flow statistics, see advertising revenue, see the connection, add data, add function, management server has to spend a lot of time; we must deal with good time management, some consideration, let the time efficiency of the play. The law of life, survival pressure, continuous also all night when we are most vulnerable to health problems should be more harassment; we should treat yourself to do self management, to adjust their own state, not only for his "freedom" to pay the price we should seize the time, improve efficiency, the concept of time difference friends recommended to look good time.

three. Mentality determines growth, survival of the fittest,

is not in good shape at the moment, and a year later, the network is even worse