Personal websites rely on persistence

according to the survey, the site has become one of the ten major IT industry, in today’s Internet, or more personal webmaster, I have seen a lot of people fail, they are very young, just think of the establishment of the failure, but not always stick to it, it is regrettable. Of course, if the garbage station, needless to say, in fact, the failure is normal, the key is whether you can learn from the experience of failure. I am so much personal one, although a lot of difficulties in the process of construction, but never gave up, I think, on the personal website, insist, time will prove the ability of individual website, not because of their site traffic is not high, or because of other reasons, and give up, to do a website, it is necessary to make a way to, or not to do.

last year I do website (, and I like a lot of people, have the same dream, last year I was 19 years old, in fact, a lot of people do not know, thought I was the site management of a company, the station has been more than a year, during this period of time, really a lot of difficulties, though, I was in high school, learning computer professional, but the station did not know how to build absolutely ignorant of, from now the personal webmaster, I learned a lot of things, it should be thanks to the Internet, thanks to Baidu provides a powerful search engine function, let us easily find information, from the original Baidu included more than 0 pages now the 1000 page, from no link back to more than 220, to make China website ranking later included, although my site is very small, but I believe that the future will gradually grow, become the country Personal Internet portal brand, but we have a certain confidence in the station, no matter what difficulties will be solved.

I had

station, beginning just a framework, what are not, even I do not know how to upload pictures, just fill in the basic information, then slowly learning, graphic editing, publishing some of the original article, but a little HTML, and find the information submitted to the website information search engine, because 20% web site from search engines, and do some Links, through Ali mother advertising has also been released, three package, through more than a year of study, know how to SEO. the record, so no one will build the station, through learning, in order to do will slowly understand.

although I am just a college student, I believe there are a lot of young stationmaster, is like me in creating your own website, since we chose the "role" personal webmaster, I hope we can hold up the Internet a day, let the Internet a better tomorrow.

I wrote this article, is the hope that the majority of individual stationmaster can realize their dreams, no matter what difficulties will persist, individual stationmaster is the insistence on, welcome to exchange QQ group: 58167511