My blog from the media half received VP members 40 people

Preface: before I wrote this article, I published a saying that my VIP member’s intention was to make friends and bring people together. A netizen replies: "take money, make friends, count friends?" it seems that this sentence as the beginning of the article is more appropriate.


wrote more than a year’s blog, a penny did not earn money, free to share my knowledge of the Internet over the years, and in these five years, there are many people to find my help, I have free help to solve. Before, I bought the software in Taobao, the source code is free to send people, I think that as long as the free help others, others remember my good, after fame, will be able to earn money.

more than four years have passed, I would like to ask, I Shao Lianhu had helped people, there are a few now remember my good, I think sooner or later, I forgot to nine night cloud out of it. Also, a few years ago the Internet mode are free mode network, so I do not know what the imitate, only know to make money, the first free popularity. Well, this experience really got me down.

you know I do this from the media blog how hard? In order to blog traffic everywhere to learn to do it, every day I encountered the problem by all means, even stay up to solve, because I can not solve the problems encountered on can’t sleep sleep. When the problem is solved, I will write a tutorial to teach you how to solve the problem. I paid so much time and so much energy to solve the problem that others just need to look at my tutorials and solve them in a few minutes. They remember me,


I believe that people’s hearts are almost the same. When others help you, you will be very grateful. Most people will say "thank you". Thank you very much. Thank you very much. This is a habit of people, as long as people help themselves would return to each other, we say thank you is the biggest thanks, maybe we are accustomed to using words to thank, but do not want to use something else in return. Whenever I encounter when their own can not solve the problem, I’ll find someone else to help others to solve my good, I would say thank you to express to give each other money thanks to his gratitude.

in this world, no one has the obligation to help you solve the problem free of charge. Others help you solve the problem, you can say that person is really good, the heart is very good. However, they charge a long time to help you solve the problem, you will get a thank you, others hard is only the value of a word? For some time, I give each other the other refused to pay, the feeling is trivial, not straight when the.

but sometimes I really want to express to him how important his help is to me. So, please ask someone else to help solve the problem, and then find the other side will also be happy to help me solve. If this free help you, once, two times, and then you find him to help, he will not want to waste so much time to help you.

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