The horse prairie giving portal decide on what path to follow.

saying that the Internet situation, charging toward free, free to charge. No matter be stationmaster, or netizen, cannot leave a "benefit" word, stationmaster wants flow and profit, netizen wants product and service. Who can provide a platform for the two, an opportunity, who will grasp the trend, who will win unlimited development?. As one of the four well-known webmaster stations in China, the rapid rise in more than a year, naturally has its way of success. But in the future, we should pay attention to the following questions:

first, focus on professional areas, win the future

a good Internet enterprise must have good hardware products and software services, otherwise it will be difficult to have a place in the fierce competition in the market. Gateway through relying on the strength of the old host provider, Tiger wing network, origin can be described as trustworthy. Personal experience portal products: free 2G space, after its stability and access speed is also quite satisfied. What is better to say is the service and attitude of the staff of the gateway. When you encounter technical problems or product queries, the response is very fast and very enthusiastic. For example, after successful application for portal products, for some reasons, the local upload speed is slow, I complain to the staff of the gateway, and ask if I can help upload the program. Unexpectedly, the staff without a word, quickly help me solve the problem. It’s really surprising and joyful,

good products and services are the foundation of an enterprise’s growth, and the portal has done quite well in this respect. With the surge in the number of users in the portal, hope to continue to enhance the hardware quality, improve the quality of service. This seems the most common, but also the most important.

two, concerned about the promotion of operations to win the opportunity

now this is the wine, but also afraid of deep alley, mainly because of the Internet era of complex information, real users of their own to produce affordable products or services, easy to pass. Coupled with the fierce competition of the industry is far more than the age of the past, so even with excellent products and services, if the bad publicity and promotion, not only will One loves what is his own. abandoned by the market, if things go on like this, will be abandoned by the times. Portal since its birth, with a strong foundation of strength, big soft Wen promotion strategy, and achieved good record. Soft Wen promotion can not be built on the sand table, otherwise is the mirror flower, water month. Unique business philosophy, coupled with a strong soft Wen marketing, so that the door through the world known!


operations promotion can not just as a temporary need, must persist for a long time. At any time, we should not relax. We should continue to adhere to and improve our existing advantageous resources, such as information stations, forum members, joint activities, brand sponsorship and so on. Especially when there are some major initiatives, but also to timely inform, win opportunity.

three, focus on small and medium enterprises to earn profits