The combination of online and offline is a win-win model for love and marriage websites

KoKo: the netizen everybody good afternoon, here is the high-end interview column, invited us to today’s guest matchmaker network ( is the founder of Mr. Gong Dawei, hello. First of all, we would like to ask Gong Zong, how do you think today’s online dating market?

Gong Dawei: for now, it’s in good shape.

KoKo: some people say that with the development of SNS and other social networking sites, dating websites have become saturated. What do you think?

Gong Dawei: I don’t think the projections and the development of social networking sites will hinder the development of the network, the marriage market is Chinese, especially the mainland, Internet dating is a new type of development trend is very good, his.

KoKo: we know that you are the founder matchmaker network, once created the matchmaker network is a kind of what others have said, based on the dating website is the most difficult to do, and I also heard that, when you are in the business, there are many excellent programs to choose from, why choose this network marriage a piece of


Gong Dawei: first of all, we need to know what you need, you have a saying that is not very comprehensive, dating sites are the most difficult to do, I would also like to add in the back, dating website is easiest to do.

first, it’s very clear profit model, that is the network + manual service, it is difficult to do the dating website, a large number of customer service personnel from recruitment to training and employment is a very tedious work, and manual service mode of Internet companies for users with more affinity and integrity.

second, Internet start-ups do a lot, but many projects profit model is not very obvious, need a long investment environment, will choose the project who, because we are standing in a few "giant" shoulders, at the same time, this project is also very consistent with the team that I take now expected to.

KoKo and other similar sites compared, do you think the matchmaker network competitive advantage in


Gong Dawei: in fact, the marriage market and other network market, the competition pattern is also different, the key is in the service mode, it is a huge market, but also an emerging market, so far, it has not been too much competition, as if to say the advantages. That is, we’re better than them young, can have more exploration direction.

KoKo: if I want to find an object in the matchmaker online, how to do.

Gong Dawei: if you can hold a serious attitude, I believe, first you have to fill out the registration matchmaker network, their real information, our matchmaker according to your contacts and contact you later, everything will be by telephone service to reach.

KoKo: in the online matchmaker >