Build quality column website, traffic can soar

walking in the street, we can see many beautiful girls, and not because of the number of not much to beauty, make our visual fatigue, but instead we hate myself how many eyes, to the beauty of record. This shows that beauty in many, but everyone has its own characteristics, take out of the eyes of the bright features.

does the website do not be this principle?. A site in the development, we must first create a boutique column, especially small and medium-sized website, go to the main focus on a breakthrough, undivided attention to make a website column or channel. Such a great chance of success, but also lead to the development of other columns.

let us in network analysis of fine column legal advice,

first we look at the relevant data, considering the PR value is 6, the Alexa website ranking is about 49800, the legal advisory section keywords legal consultation, free legal advice are arranged in the front page of Baidu. Baidu site, the data in 68800. The number of legal advice is about 700 a day (after registration).

secondly, let’s see what the above data illustrates. The site PR improves the weight of the site (which most people say). Keywords optimization and rationality. Especially legal advice is very important for legal service websites. Originality is good, because legal advice is what our common people do in daily life or in business activities, and consult professional lawyers. And it’s unique on the Internet, which creates originality". Baidu spider will often patronize this page, included is also fast. Included more, in Baidu search legal problems, also will go to this page. Because the legal issues are not completely consistent, and make the user to send their own legal advice, which is the number of legal advice, the reasons for the high.

finally, it is not difficult for us to find out how important it is for a website to do a good job. She not only facilitates the life of Internet users, but also has a good promotion for the brand of the website itself. Take Admin5 for example, every day so many original articles, this is the boutique column, brand degree is so established.

clumsy writing, please forgive me.

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