Create a space industry reshuffle intensified excellent talk about China’s WeWork breakout way

public record space originator WeWork to get strategic investment from China, Hony investment and by Lenovo holdings to $430 million investment led, the latest valuation of up to $16 billion, Chinese formally enter the market in Shanghai. With the extension of the WeWork layout to the Chinese market, the public space industry reshuffle will exacerbate. As excellent run network ( founder and CEO Lu Yang said in an interview earlier, WeWork into China need to fully understand China’s national conditions. The biggest difference is that the United States and other developed countries in the city’s service industry is far more mature than China, there are more rich free home buyers and small companies, while the majority of domestic freelancers are small companies have no money. How to find the unique location of WeWork China and adjust the space and pricing scheme is the key in the case of the overall customer base." In any case, a public record of space battle is inevitable.



is the originator of the industry coming a tough battle inevitable

WeWork is a unicorn myth that grew up in the United states. Founded in New York in 2010, a month after the realization of profitability, since then no loss. The WeWork rate of expansion in the globe is amazing, all the way through the clutter and up to now, WeWork has more than 80 joint office space in the 23 world city, 5000 members in 15 City native American and London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and Shanghai city. And Hongkong, Seoul, Sydney and other cities is the next expansion. Back to China, before WeWork did not come, it has a large number of fans around the world, with the advent of WeWork and expansion, a large number of foreign enterprises and China fans will vote to hire.

inspired by the WeWork model, in the "double drive" upsurge, the China public record space as the rain bamboo shoots emerge and take shape. According to incomplete statistics, the total number of public spaces throughout the country has reached 1.6, while Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou is the most concentrated public space of the top three cities. The most representative in the background of the development of real estate industry, SOHO Hugo 3Q, a incubator investment in the background of the development of innovation, such as workshops, angel sinks, but also to college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship resources of high-end platform background, such as Tsinghua X-Lab, Peking University Business Incubator camp, as well as the media platform is established the entrepreneurial space, such as 36 krypton space……




WeWork is now with China’s investors and the successful experience in the world to enter China, China’s share of the office market is optimistic about the long-term. At the same time, the Chinese successors wing has been plump, with WeWork China menacing, colleagues are well prepared to fight to win or die. The day before, Hong Thai innovation space founder CEO Wang Shengjiang in an interview.