Just for the user experience, give up hundreds of monthly revenue advertising

cross stitch city www.58xiu.cn in 2008 May 8th on-line, after more than six months of development, now members over ten thousand, day IP thousand. I can not cross stitch, not at all, I know at the beginning of the other people’s Cross Stitch drawings uploaded to this site. And will not see which of them are good drawings and which are bad drawings. Anyway, what kind of, my embroidery city is the form of the forum, there used to be a post page advertising, this has 30 recommended text links, when it was sold at 10 yuan per month. Sold some ad positions. Later, in the middle of the post and BBS head put a cross stitch Taobao shop advertising. All down, not much, probably more than 200.

embroidered city is really a woman’s nest. Oh, a lot of women. I feel that way. Because there are seven moderators, but only I am a man. A woman’s mind and eyes are really exquisite. It seems that everybody is asking for proof in the flesh. When members say this, I don’t mind. But when one of the moderators mentioned this, I had to stop thinking about it. Then I passed the moderator vote, and finally decided to keep only the GG ad on the station, and all the other ads were canceled.

After more than two weeks of observation and cancellation of advertising,

did increase the number of registrations. Many members just don’t like commercialization. Remember a moderator said, when you can stay in this site is a reason, this webmaster does not sell things. Ha ha, isn’t it strange?.

I think a forum, if at the beginning of development, it is better not too commercial. Especially women based websites.

in the development of a certain scale, you can appropriate advertising, but do not engage in full station advertising flying, so that the user’s experience feel index will be greatly reduced.

I told my moderator yesterday, I decided. The station will not hang other ads for two years, and make full use of the user experience.