From art to the Web the experience of a 80 female stationmaster (five)

happy times always go away, leaving only endless memories. The take-off of the website, let us forget the previous busy and hard, tell each other, we should use the greatest efforts in exchange for the most happy smile. Looking back, I can not help asking myself why the website could be done at that time. I only thought about my efforts. What you don’t understand is just a search on the Internet, and then step by step.

The problem of setting up the

keyword is like a cloud around us. How can we save time in building a website? Problems such as tidal waves, looking at a boyfriend’s frown, constantly reading through the relevant information, query the answer. Thick data, we understand: the choice of keywords is very important! Keyword with it in the site of the site, determines the site in the search engine rankings. Of course also includes a variety of key word synonyms (sound), typos, avoid some common (or stop) vocabulary, but also consider the key site in the location and the number of occurrences.

‘s search for information helped to clear the fog. When a user searches for a word in a search engine spider will have access to many sites, location and site keywords, keyword density is different, the spider will according to various information website, the same analysis website and user search keywords.

When the

crawler search on a surface to meet the user search keywords, but the site does not meet the requirements such as: search engine keyword is separate, or keyword search has nothing to do with the above theme, will not get too high score. However, the wise spider will not make a final decision about it. Why? Because it also tracks links to the web site to see if the page to which the link is pointing is really useful to the user. If the link is pointing to the page content and link text independent, it will doubt this is the link field specious".

boyfriend to understand, if talent shows itself in the "clever" spider search, we must understand the ranking method for website search engine; also want to know how to select and place it keywords; slowly increase the site in the search engine rankings. When we look at the site ranking up little by little at the same time, found that when the site is crowded, there has been a phenomenon of congestion. A smattering of knowledge, I later learned that our server has been unable to bear.

boyfriend told me: the site access speed problems will directly affect the flow of the site, and we did not take into account the beginning of the server. Website access speed and space choice are standing in a very important position; access speed will affect Internet users browse and operate on the internet. 70% of Internet users are reluctant to stay on the page for more than 8 seconds.

wants to make the site’s traffic more stable, and the location of the server provider should be considered more. The location of the host server provider and the web site’s >