Baidu yes, give me the website to bring traffic thinking

online shop has long become a craze, Taobao 2 years to occupy more than 50% of the current market, in terms of development, Taobao seems to have more market sentiment. However, Baidu shop Taobao goods are not included, we can only buy through Taobao, Baidu search is difficult to find Taobao products related pages. Of course, this also gave birth to Taobao customers. Today I want to say is that Baidu has, ah, to bring traffic to the site, how to mention Taobao and Taobao customers, this is the quote.

Baidu and Taobao also can not be compared with ah, but Baidu has a strong background in Baidu, Baidu is the mother, Baidu has ah is the son, is one family, the mother of his son’s love only you in as can be imagined, where Baidu has ah shop, your goods will be full of Baidu included, but high weight, always displayed on the home page top, but it can not let you sell goods, not because people in general Baidu has ah to buy things, even if you want to buy a BaiduPay registered (because now most people use Alipay). What I value is not how much goods I sell, but what I value is collection and weight. Here’s one thing:

1, more than the release of goods, each commodity has its own link and web site keywords.

2, I do is Amoy website, I put the goods sent to the guest promotion, followed by their own web site domain name.

3, commodity details should be rich, add more points and their own web site related content.

I use this method, now Baidu has ah, every day to my site brings more than 200 IP traffic. A little bit of experience, is to let everyone get ideas, think of ways to make Baidu more included.

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