Fence, work hard, create the future

topic: fence network, work hard to create a future

current guest: fence net, COO, Xu Xiangtao,

participates in the interview: QQ group 57322806


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Fang Qingbin: welcome to today’s guest fence network founder, is now fence network COO Mr. Xu Xiangtao. Xu, Hello, welcome to the city business interview (www.citymetre.com), congratulations to the Beijing station officially launched the fence, the fence net fast air plant in Beijing wish to flourish. Mr. Xu, please briefly introduce the fence net.


Xu Xiangtao:

02 September, a netizen (now LIBA net CEO Zhang Guohua), because headache at home decoration, built a public forum, "fence happy decoration Forum."". Gathered hundreds of decoration and building materials company, got confused and disoriented and chop the bloody members together against profiteers, discuss renovation related topics, clubbed together to buy building materials.


02 in November, Zhang Guohua completed renovation, want to turn this "just in order to solve the problem of its own decoration" forum, at this time, with more than 2000 registered forum, is almost entirely to the decoration of many members, members suggested that several people out of the establishment of the company to operate, so that we can continue to discuss such struggle and profiteers, can buy cheap materials, as long as the guarantee of commercial operation after the price does not rise to.


03 in January, under the promotion of many members, 3 did not actually know how much of the management of commercial, "natives" collected 60 thousand dollars to set up a small empty office buildings in the unfinished business platform company, launched the "free" group purchase network ", just want to earn some more than wages".


5 years, our luck is good, not too big twists and turns, basically the number of customers, turnover and profits, the number of employees, even the office area is over two per year to three times, not too slow, not too soon.


has about more than 500 employees in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Suzhou to carry out business, focus on family life consumption, consumer communication and trading platform, to decoration, marriage, learn to drive the members to provide consulting, trading services, to help you easily buy put heart, cheap and suitable products and services. Volume of transactions in 2007 was 640 million.


from inception to now have been net profit, of course not, we called "means", earn all the money invested to expand the scale and enhance the competitiveness, the power savings, saying: we are on our way.