Horse Grassland see green dam – red, cherry green, banana

recently, the national Ministry of industry spent 41 million 700 thousand yuan issued a "Green Dam – season escort" software, and requested since July 1st, all new computers must be preinstalled with this software. Allegedly this and is the protection of young people from bad news infringement, but all computer users are treated as minors, forced to install and use the software may disclose personal privacy, it has gone too far. This "one size fits all" policy has just been introduced, it immediately caused a great uproar, some netizens will be "Green Dam" image called "green tyrant", but also in fact. The author is also deeply touched, Green Dam software simply blocking thinking and sloppy behavior behind, all people think of the profits of enterprises and the possibility of Internet victims consequences, it can be described as "red cherries, green banana."".

red cherries, businesses make government money,

must explain to you that the public funds spent 41 million 700 thousand yuan to buy a free use of the year, so that people worry about how to do after a year, then the country and the winning enterprise will be how to "love" Internet users?. And the two companies that win the bid are also unknown. It is a matter of course, both in terms of ability, credibility, and relationship with the government.


and we also have these problems, planning the Green Dam software, have not been investigated proved scientifically? At least on the Internet is so advanced today, on the network to engage in a poll is not what technical problems, why the state will not deign to ask first netizens opinions? If you really want to for the majority of young people forced the "father", it also shows that the family education, school education and social education to the inability of the countries to come to a tougher stance for the growth of the youth escort". The Green Dam software implementation has not been approved by the National People’s Congress, the review? As a representative institution, the NPC and its Standing Committee is the highest organ of state power, the government just as the authority of the executive, popular point of view, the state personnel and the work is the servant of the people, their behavior is to people’s approval and supervision after the. Now, the government often take it upon themselves, often for the master mind, make a decision. The Green Dam software tender, there is no strict compliance with relevant laws? China has promulgated the "government procurement law" and the "Bidding Law", if strictly in accordance with the statutory procedures for bidding companies to review the qualifications of the bidding process and will be released to the public, accept the supervision of the people, will not have doubts on the bid equity of enterprises.

green banana, the country cold, network popular

fleece. There is no doubt that the ultimate commitment of 41 million 700 thousand is still the vast numbers of people, including, of course, more than 300 million of Internet users. Because each citizen is a taxpayer, he is directly or indirectly responsible for the country’s taxes. The only legitimacy of the government is to provide public goods and services, and to ensure the realization of the basic rights of the people. Green Dam software has a very good note: season escort