A brief summary of ways to combine portal sites with Forums

in recent days are writing about the site of the small work, "Southern Jiangxi Dayu network is how to do a day by BAIDU included", "talking about the county site how to develop" reflect good, today continue.

network, China Xunwu net, Xunwu forum is the line on the 8.16 day, just completed the framework, there is nothing else, say, write the following experience before: Xunwu

recently, every day to go to the forum, no gains, but there are ideas, is how to make the portal and BBS organic combination, produce invisible effect? Now many websites have many following shortcomings:

1, the portal is good. But not popular, this is more common,

2, forums hot, but no one willing to go to the portal, there is no benefit, just earn popularity, but there is no possibility of making money online

3, neither the portal nor the forum. The investment is really big, and we can’t make ends meet

three are missing, where is the problem? Thinking, there may be some Xunwu today, just on the line, but there must be a development strategy to support the development of


I have a website I was running down, but there are more than second kinds of situations, and can make the forum portal deserted, that causes a lot of trouble to me, the biggest disadvantage is that income greatly reduced, I think I should further change the plan, I do not have or have a little effect on the. But you can discuss with you. Take the less popular portal, we can improve some things:

1, now forum is not popular, first of all to publicize their site, post on the top, because as long as the forum a little popularity will soon be BAIDU included, but not very prominent portal might be very difficult to see the light. My Xunwu net just got on the line today, so I can do it. I’m pretty sure about tomorrow.

2, the portal is not popular with the news of the way can add a lot of forum posts, can be their own, can be the same site, you would say that what are the benefits? The answer is that a search engine to enter the gate, to attract, in the areas of income households also included your site

and the second case is the forum hot, your portal is deserted, we can use a gamble, is BBS.***.COM, into your portal for a few seconds, again in your forum, the effect will be better, but you are not very familiar with the situation it is best not to use


portal nor forum. Investment is really big, and can not make ends meet. For this, I suggest you change from big to small, just imagine you door door, you can persist for so long, small portal, you will be difficult?. This is a magic weapon of investment is not the biggest website, a big change is small for me so long to sum up, Xunwu is just based on these conditions, you can send a few webmaster www.16hf.com IP let me stand fast into the next track