also talk about the survival of grassroots webmaster status

tonight to drink some wine, scribbles, just awake to read, a lot of typos. Hard, I know the free (dedicated to the novice veteran can flash)

is mainly a friend today plus me QQ talk about the relationship between IP and PV, the following is my personal understanding. There are wrong, please advise. Personally feel that IP is important, but PV is more important to one who wants to stay

for long

development of the regular station, if the statistics show that your PV is less than 3 times IP, then you have to review their own. Because the content of your station has no place to attract people. In a simple way, you, as an ordinary visitor, visit other people’s stations and you just turn one page off. As for me, 2 reasons, one is that content doesn’t appeal to me, and two, the website is slow and unbearable. On the other hand, this station has what you want, and you will see it continuously, so that PV will come up, of course, the world ranking is also good. Good content is not collected, basically I do not see which station is to rely on acquisition to win back customers. Don’t assume that your IP ten thousand of your great, if PV is less than 2 times, then you do a failure is a failure, if accidentally K, you only put the site shut down, not because of what the antecedents of the. That is to say, your station doesn’t hold anyone at all… It’s good to stand. No one goes to the grave…

, let’s get down to business now. The biggest problem facing many personal owners is that without any funds to maintain, there is no way to close their love station. From I do stand these 2 years, down side of personal site countless, really good heartache, and some personal site is really excellent, but such a sacrifice. Well, let me talk about a little experience in this area.

, first of all, must make sure that they want to do the station, for example, I like DJ., do not look at this traffic today long fast, tomorrow look at that fast, then follow. Don’t say you are a novice, to the network tendency is not understand, even if a veteran, he did not dare to jump to conclusions. Another very important thing is that you take your stand as your son, must have perseverance, you see what the father several months of the son of the son killed, the reason is they can afford? Such as man, no perseverance, no ideal if you don’t do the. When the sky hasn’t dropped yet, don’t dream that you can do it today. You can get thousands of IP tomorrow. You look at your son every day and grow up slowly. What a beautiful thing it is. If you can’t take your love as the importance of a son, please don’t do it. Because a father can sacrifice everything for his son to protect and take care of his son. In the same way, a son who is an adult will give you endless rewards. The most important question is how to raise? That depends on your own conditions and skills. Will you watch your son starve to death? If so, please ask me BS you…

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