From the Webmaster Station, grow up, believe in your own way

I am a knight, since I started the "Knight master station", I really know myself.

, if you want to understand the growth of Knight Webmaster Station, you can search "Knight master station" domain name registration time, Alexa ranking, PR value, Baidu included, Google included information. If you are a webmaster, I believe you will be surprised, in such a short period of time to develop so well,


a lot of people think that this is the company’s operation, or team operators, or it is impossible to build so well. Content resources so rich, Baidu and Google included so well, snapshot update so urgent, Google weight so high, and even many articles in the portal website and other webmaster class web site in front of. In fact, this is the personal webmaster operation, from the site of the domain name, CMS selection, performance space setting, website template, change the content to add, Links exchange, soft Wen promotion, increase the chain, is done by me. Such a big workload, I can complete a person, explained a little, and now the personal webmaster is not enough effort, just insist on not. If you update 10 articles a day, it will be hard to succeed for five years. Adhere to the method, persist in efforts to struggle. Otherwise, persistence is only a waste of time and energy. At last, there is nothing at all. Whether it is the future development or the value of the website, it is very difficult to manifest.

when search "stationmaster station" when, Knight master station row in third, estimate soon, search "stationmaster" when also can enter Baidu home page. Of course, the knight would not go to do, because the knight do is content, content, as long as the webmaster search "webmaster Knight" or "Knight station" ranked in the first search engine on the line, I need the knight station own user.

the content of the Webmaster Station can be said to be very quality, because all the articles have been manually updated, and even a lot of punctuation and formatting have changed. Therefore, precisely because of this insistence, only to get the favor of search engines. In fact, the Webmaster Station Development 5 months later, Baidu snapshot is updated every day, and Google is 6-7 months after the snapshot updated every day, and nearly half a year, in the absence of the weight of the stick down.

find a good way, and sometimes the prospects are hard to predict. But Knight think: understand a webmaster do station mentality, understand the ability of the webmaster, may be able to predict the prospects of the site. Because to stand is to be a man. What about you? Stand. If you don’t do well enough, don’t think about how to be a man.

king, if not a man, do not know how to behave, and there will be no Admin5 now. Ha ha, personally think that the development of Knight master station will not be bad, believe in your own road, and stick to it.

(author: Knight source: Knight master station)