How to add e-commerce modules to enhance profitability

now, e-commerce is more and more applied to the enterprise marketing field, provide a new source of power for the enterprise’s profit ability, so that now the company product marketing collective "Internet" of the event, it also provides a broad market for the master station. However, no such resource owners how to share a cup of soup in the tide of e-commerce? This needs webmaster using his hand site resources, seriously thinking of website and e-commerce can be combined in the electronic commerce into your website, the formation of a unique and closely combined with the content of the website and users welcome the module, through this module to attract users to buy, so as to create a new way of profit for the website.

as a webmaster, first of all to consider their own web site products. From the site involved in the field and content of related fields on the upstream and downstream industries to find related products, this is the first step to increase e-commerce module, but also for the future of this electronic commerce module the key to success. Take Kiki comics as an example, the site is located in the latest and most abundant comic book updates, for comic fans to share, web users are more loyal to the main comic fans. According to the composition of positioning and users of this website, how to join the e-commerce module properly become a serious problem, combined with the related upstream and downstream areas of the comic, comic books and CDs as well as animation and game products become better with site direction, and according to this idea, the animation related books and CDs as electronic products the main business products.

needs to do next work is to consider how to trust website in the website the user set, allowing the user to enhance the user’s trust by virtue of e-commerce website module to increase the user’s trust and purchase behavior. Concrete from the following aspects: on the one hand to keep the website content update, but also to ensure the quality of the content on the website, the website truly provide high quality content platform, enhance the practicability of the user, so that users rely more on the website of the sense and a sense of trust, the website set up a good image of the user service on the other hand; website needs to be proper in the station provide e-commerce product introduction and guide function, appropriate to enhance the user experience and convenience, conversion through the web site user’s Guide to further enhance the user purchase rate.

finally, in the electronic commerce profit pattern aspect, the stationmaster may summarize and look for the more profit pattern unceasingly in the practice process, do not stop in the present profit cooperation pattern. For example, at the beginning, you can use Taobao’s "profit sharing" cooperation model, the webmaster is not responsible for product distribution and logistics, only after the product has been sold to obtain a certain proportion of revenue. In the process of development, we should constantly explore more profit model, in the condition of mature, as far as possible to find their own master supply channels, through its own operation, eliminate between the purchase and distribution level, so as to gain more profits which. And this should be the station master