Entrepreneurship young people who sleep in the company

 , a 40 year old man from Beijing, was an engineer at the start of his job. He worked in a machinery company, due to the 72 hour shift work system, so the generation of Xiang often have to sleep on the floor.


entered the technology industry, he was still lying on the table or lying anywhere to nap. Last year, he and others created their own cloud computing company white cloud technology.

the first product he bought for his company was 12 high and low beds, and put them in the corner of the office.

Dai Xiang said: the technology industry is mainly engaged in mental work. Employees need time to find inspiration. Our rest area is not only for evening breaks, but also for the day."

in China, it is a common phenomenon that employees are sleeping in the office. In some industries, this is due to the low efficiency of employees. But in the science and technology industry, due to the rapid development of business, many start-up companies can not keep up with the pace of development, so employees must work overtime at night to complete the progress.

And general manager of

business data treasure company nuts co-founder Cui Meng said: "the pace of development of the China Internet Corporation soon. I went to the United States, where the competitive environment is not so fierce in china." He said his company’s programmers need to work overtime every day. In order to solve this problem, they are allowed at noon and 9 p.m. after sleeping in the company. They can lie on the desk, lying on the sofa, or use special lazy sofa.

in the most extreme cases, some of the technology company employees in the working days and even live in the company.

recruitment and human resources platform Liu Zhanyu Miyou bucket hired sleep in the company conference room from Monday to Friday, so as not to spend more than 1 hours per day and rushed to the company from home in the eastern suburbs of Beijing. As the company’s "big customer" department heads, from midnight to 3 in the morning, he and his colleagues often in the conference room in the rest of the one or two.

he said: "we need to get up at 8:30, because we will work at half past 9. We all shared in the wash in the bathroom."

many of the company’s employees said that the potential return on the work of start-up companies is worth working for a long time, but they have to sacrifice their social activities.

Liu Zhanyu said: "the child will think of me. It makes me feel guilty." He has a son of 3 years old, and they can only meet on weekends.

everyone loan programmers Xiang Shiyang now 28 years old, he worked at least twice a week to work at least two in the morning at about three or four. He doesn’t have much time for socializing besides work. He said: "I don’t have a chance to find a girlfriend." Everyone loan to the programmers to prepare a simple bed for them to work late to rest.