Discussion on website value analysis

has just experienced a short selling station storm, although the final sale did not become, but buyers psychological, I summed up what little in their psychological, will give you the station a kind of evaluation, is also in the buyer psychology, you stand in the end worth.

applies only to IP on less than 5000 of the stations have never seen.


first mention of a word, it is a lot of long mention: do stand have a flow of money. I was wrong, not to say this sentence, this sentence is wrong. The money is not just determined by your traffic, distribution and the population of visitors only decisive mind for money. The buyer first to see your traffic, but the distribution of visitors and visitor parameters the next important is your station is.

which is part of the crowd

words from buyers about, naturally first buyers classification,.

kind, own industry group, have capital, have industry, want to use the power of the network to promote own business,.

for such buyers, traffic next, he will pay great attention to your visitors distribution and the crowd. Such buyers will be very high prices. Everyone wants to meet.

two, want to buy a ready stand and use it to make money.

Buyers like

will value your current economic position and value traffic more than visitors. Such buyers are not likely to bid too high,.

three, buy a station to help develop their own master station,.

needless to say, such buyers will not be higher,.

four, rich people buy a website to play, pure love good.

People like

really, I have seen, if there is a forum, he would be very concerned about the number of registered and the number of posts you. He will not ask you… Even you stand on IP… Only this… Serious contempt. If you are a liar, you have to sell this station, otherwise don’t regret selling,.

think of these four kinds of people, for the time being to write so many. Buy a station of the end of the class, the following said which stations are the four types of people want to buy.


local comprehensive information website, such as Hong Kong, local comprehensive forum and so on, this station is the most easy to sell a good price. From the buyer and two types of buyers, local website is they want to, these two types of people is a higher bid. If you hit a good buy. There will be an unexpected.

a real example: a state-owned Chinese company, just started to use the network to develop the local Chinese market, from the new station in trouble, so consider the acquisition of a high and medium-sized website, finally settled two of the country’s Chinese website, website about time, is 02 years, IP in 3000—4000 >