A sense of integration policy in King Wang Forum


policy graph king is the fiery implementation, this point is on the line after a few days ago I found, when first contact does not have too many feelings, because I have been to see posted in the forum, there are very few post! So integral to me, not so important! Plus I was a manager every day, more responsible for things, too much time in the face of the computer, so I have been in the global forum, yesterday I read an article about the appraisal of webmaster site article, a little feeling! Now graph king impressed me as legendary as Ma, too many people is directed to the leader’s personality charm in his products and services, the forum is a great adhesion of a platform for users, especially for the webmaster, long time online, so the need for a more Good, dynamic, very webmaster style forum to mix, this is my idea!


‘s get down to business, the main value is the integration policy is to give a platform to the owners or owners enthusiasts, large scale, in the financial economy now, can provide a part-time job, in what the Internet? Now the average price of 1 yuan of the integral =150 integral post, may have an average of 1 points in the forum, some people say that a man can take 500 points an hour, I do not say this is true or false, but you look at the integral trading area, market demand, the price will definitely improve theorem, after all, this is a thing you can get RMB so, join a team will gradually rise in the forum veterans may don’t say this and that, after all, graph king is an individual, belongs to commercial, must think of a way out of his own A little pocket money! This society is the brains of people to earn money, so we don’t blame graph king how, after all, is when we can make money for themselves, and people can buy and sell the integral image signature, which is also a profit point, so buying and selling is mutual the surplus of mutual benefit, but in the hope, want me to figure the king’s advice:

1. this point can not be as a feature of your forum, like friends can be used as a earn money, after all, can also be used to do the job, $7 an hour, 10 hours a day, 70 yuan bag, count 25 days a month, deduct some time! Just a month can get 1750 extra money, this is not a small number, for some special master, this money is a few cents, so time is for money, these are some ways to get some money for their own to buy some new clothes. As a guest, Witkey, this is called global guest it (because the global forum Qian Ma)! If the graph king can seize this feature to do it, can also be considered a feature! But this is to be a complete, if the promotion is good, can not bring more webmaster netizen.

, there’s something to do, time to write, and a lot more, ha ha, say it well, publish the article for the first time, and listen to what others say