How to analyze and evaluate websites


in the webmaster site in the process, it is necessary to contact other sites, but also constantly to observe, compare, analysis of some websites, analysis of their rankings, analysis of their promotion process. This article describes my personal role as a webmaster, analysis and evaluation of the site’s experience.

, in fact, is so clear, so the analysis and evaluation of the website is to make use of some of the resources on hand to make use of the reasonable information to obtain the unknown information.

domain name analysis



: see the website domain name and identity of all the registered time information, for example, through the demonstration of the page you can see my college used to register the domain name identity (including the university dormitory, emails and telephone and other information). Through this interface, you can also see how many sites have been formed on the server on the target site (which will provide more detailed solutions for the server information about the target site),

server analysis




: see if this site is on a virtual host or an independent server, and how many hosting sites the server hosts. For example, the blog space is the

hosted on

link analysis


Demo:, bwm=i& bwmf=a& bwms=p

function: when analyzing the rank of a website, the chain is the indispensable check. Through the analysis of the foreign chain, to study why search engines to this weight, actually I used to check the chain website is, check the chain when using the following address is usually: