CN domain name ruined my station group dream, who pays for my station group

CNNIC restrictions individual use CN domain name, and all registered CN domain name inventory, mandatory request CN domain name for the record, these for me, completely destroyed my station group dream.

in November 09, I started my own station group plan, and at the same time, the WAP website "Huang" began to be reported in major media. My station group plan actually good simple, is to register hundreds of CN domain name, and then all use domain name parking service to make money. At that time, some people pointed out to me, "do standing group, spend money and spend time", domain name, space, some things will make the head ache. I this station group plan I think is perfect, do not spend money to buy space, don’t take the time to build the site, don’t spend more effort to maintain and update the website, all because the website SeoParking.

believes that many friends have been in touch with SeoParking, a site dedicated to parking. Unlike other parking sites, she not only can park site, is a self WordPress system of the website, and you can set the key words on the website automatically update the site’s article in the library, but also do not have to worry about the problem of copyright. Parking space can be described as an excellent choice, but also parked through the domain name, you can put your own advertising (support HTML and JS), do garbage station is the first choice ah.


SeoParking before the park two a domain name, on the delivery of Google Adsense three months is $3, GGAD price high, the situation is a little better to $2, a considerable, and the site PR a rise to a 1 rise to 2, then put the Backlinks link, there is also a little bit of beauty knife. Is the two sites, I think of the station group, this is equivalent to empty handed white wolf, money should not be too big problem.

then is looking for CN domain name registrar on the Internet. There is no other requirement. As long as the domain name is cheap, you can do it. Most online CN domain name registration price is 3 yuan / year, and basically are not bargain. Then go to Taobao to find a domain name registrar, of course, I’m not going to buy Taobao domain name, but to find a domain name registrar QQ what, then begin a chat, tell them I have registered one hundred or two hundred domain names, and then asked him to give me a best price. Ha ha, two days later, I found a CN M 1 yuan / ha, ha ha. Then registered 20 or so domain names (because every day is limited registration), are new agent registration. And these 20 domain names, I also carefully selected, there are many 4 letters CN meters, the product phase is not very indiscriminate.

then, take the time to modify the domain name DNS one by one so that the domain name is parked on the SeoParking. It still means that SeoParking has dozens of parking spaces