A webmaster’s first love

in the spring, I accepted her.

in the spring, I fell in love with her.

in the spring, for her pay.

is in love and can’t be together.

I picked up the website and started fighting again.

started my dream, a dream that couldn’t be perfect.

is going to make up for another dream. Maybe reality is not perfect.

, but try to comfort. Maybe it hurts to love someone.

, but remember, you love her, and if it’s worth it, pay for everything.

will not regret it later. But is the man really tough?.

really can pay anything, but not a little return?. Really,


can pretend to do nothing, I can, I can, must I?.

sadness is hard to avoid, pain is hard to avoid. In the spring, I ended my twenty years of being single

also ushered in the twenty years I have never felt the hardships of love cannot bear to part from each other.

because of her, let me move true feelings, because I found that I am really fragile, very fragile,

my love story

is too confident, so too lost,

because it’s perfect. So no result,

too proud. The consequences of

, other people’s ideas, I don’t want to know….

I don’t want to understand what other people mean….

, but my guess is so strong,

always feels sorry for his mistakes,

, but.

, I understand myself,.

, I know myself,.

do one myself,.

doesn’t need to go with tide.

, there’s no need to lie,.

There is no need to.

can go to.


said. It’s true. It’s fake,.

time can prove everything,.

future me. Big change,.

, but love doesn’t change.

can’t get it. Don’t go for.

is yours. Someone can’t take.

isn’t yours. How do you bother


won’t be your.

at last

there is no fairy tale in reality,.

what do you want to achieve your fairy tale?.