The real master find room owners and direct docking, to the intermediary to the service itself


there is a saying in the Empire, with many drift pain: "I have been cheated intermediary, not mix in Beijing, whether rent or buy second-hand housing intermediary, and all is the first step.

as an intermediary intermediary to find housing and the owners, the contract’s real estate brokers have many sides does not understand the information and skills: information level, dynamic price listings as well as find room; and in the technical level, because the rental housing are regarded as low demand, supply and demand sides are the lack of effective professional knowledge, whether it is before the transaction valuation, coordination, or deal all formalities required, brokers are able to act as a skilled operation exists.

Internet has gradually changed the level of information opaque, by aggregating the line information, the supply and demand sides online can easily publish and find information; but it only solves the problem of circulation of information, information on the authenticity and the service quality of online brokers were not well formed constraints, therefore a large number of false listings and bad intermediary service, there is the beginning of the sentence.

in the rental housing or second-hand housing transactions, C2C (i.e. the owners direct docking find room) mode is not rare, the real state network is one. In the real state website, find room to see the housing information for the owners to release, to ensure the authenticity of the real state network availability of information in this way, the broker from the previous information into the offline transaction execution.

since the owners through the release of information to ensure the authenticity of listing will have enough power to attract owners on the line, the real state solution is to protect the owner of information, and to prevent the harassment of brokers. Listings published in the traditional information platform, the owners often face frequent contact a lot of wanted to get the listing broker, on the site before the real master network have collected basic information about the 1 million 200 thousand brokers, registered mobile phone number in the premise based on the website, to shield these broker registration, to ensure that the owners the information will not be disclosed to the broker.

for the other side of the room, the biggest convenience is to check the information is true housing information, improve the efficiency of the search, but also to reduce the corresponding intermediary costs before payment.

and those who previously existed as a connection broker, in the real state platform will become a professional consultant". No real network will be signing the form and line of intermediary agent cooperation, let these brokers to both parties to play their own advantages to provide more services, such as providing valuation opinions, as well as a series of lines of trade execution, so as to obtain their own service commission rather than before the intermediary fee. At the same time, the real master network will also establish the broker’s credit system, through the evaluation of both parties to the transaction broker services to achieve the agent’s constraints. Because does not prevent brokers in the intermediary company belongs to the interests of the original, in the real network to see the type >