Novice webmaster most easily made three taboo

started today, Shenzhen mobile phone watch new online. This station can be described through the groundless talk, since the beginning of the domain name registration has not what should be stable, committed a taboo many webmaster has been committed, thought content and development direction of the web site blindly into the construction site to go, so to want to change will become more and more difficult the. Do it yourself SEO and promotion of the heart do not have a clear grasp of what is? Take my stand, before considering doing a simple mobile phone sales site, is now the popular B2C program, selected a lot, began to choose the spread of the Internet for a long time Zhuhai mobile phone network the ASP program, but due to technical reasons, the program online spread a little BUG, you don’t have the energy and time to fix, was changed to PHP ECSHOP, this is known as the best program online. Then worry about bad record for the record, and a revised edition DEDE CMS, made the system between the change is between half a month, do not say hard, unless it is done a particularly good webmaster, most of the grassroots webmaster basic pay and harvest is not proportional, I also included a. During this time, the energy invested is very high, and the returns are basically zero. Pay not necessarily get, and as a comfort yourself and the webmaster.

second owners to make the choice of business space is taboo, I was suffered, a lot of space business are not familiar with the owners, mostly just pick one or choose to listen to friends, I also make the mistake of taking the wrong choice of space. Most of the purchase space is in the form of direct transfer, basically no guarantee after sale, can only rely on the conscience of space providers, then bought this space is very expensive, but bought it. Is the beginning of the ASP space, want to use ECSHOP, negotiation and space business, they does not agree, think too much trouble, or just buy second days, finally I was grinding hard bubbles to change my PHP space, but the space capacity decreased a lot, the difference of money is not back, I tell they go to the domain name, they have also ignored. Later on the tolerance… ECSHOP on line, after a period of time, I feel the speed has dropped significantly. Began to buy telecommunications and CNC double line space, and became Netcom’s IP, the evening fortunately, the speed of the day is slow snail speed. I hope you will be more careful when you choose, and do not choose such a poor space trader as I am blind.

third is not free to change the site procedures, this station was I changed many times, is the first ASP program of the mall, later changed to ECSHOP, and then changed into DEDE CMS, and later changed to this blog now, quite a number of times during the revision, the search engine is the most do not love this. Ha-ha。 Before a lot was collected now becomes dead link, I hope you learn a lesson.