The support of love — a brief discussion on the business model of the nternet in the new era



] in the new era the power driven Internet users use products from the need to love, people desire the identity and emotional resonance, even let consumers sad, also most willing to pay.

"CY story" is a very literary shop. It sells not goods, but resonance. All the goods in this store are virtual items, which is the story. Each story is priced at one dollar. However, sir can be free to read, because the item contain complete story. If the reader likes it very much, it can be photographed and paid a dollar for the story. The shop is entirely dependent on support.

"logic thinking" is a reading program, a Luo fat every week to the book told to the audience, of course, to add his own organization and understanding. He also sends a voice to everyone in WeChat every day, and recommends an article. Luo fat, the team entirely rely on support.



"CY story" Taobao shop has now become a small circle of very famous literary and art shop, although not make money, earn pots full bowl, but in the Internet age, reputation and popularity may be more important. "Mind of mind" uses a completely free platform (Youku and WeChat) to create a small reading circle, with the slogan of recruiting members ringing at 1 million 600 thousand.

love support, said


early – poly scale, can be loved

Most of the early products of the

Internet era are unprofitable, and things like "CY stories" and "mind thinking" are the same. They need to scale as much as the traditional internet. Because in the Internet age, there is no doubt that only a certain scale can produce more links and produce more value. But they have a strong feature of a new generation of Internet products. Traditional Internet products are in the process of solving the problem of accumulation of users, staking. Like 360, to solve system security problems, using the Internet free way to lay the world. Alibaba has solved the problem between merchants and buyers and built a strong position on the Internet with a powerful ecosystem. However, there are many differences between the two Internet models. The former is based on interest, the latter on demand. That is, why consumers want to support, that is, because of interest, up to a certain extent, into love.

in the Internet model, millet companies are closer to the "CY story", "Luo thinking" this new business model. For example, consumers buy millet mobile phone just because you need a mobile phone, the powder is not the Rice noodles, do not see what attract you? There are a lot of companies that customers love with our products.