Pay quiz, popular knowledge about live can really realize the realization of the dream content

recently, friends fire a play: pay 1 yuan will be able to answer questions like the Lord, a principal in the form of voice reply (here pay is "1" or "2 yuan", "10 yuan" has a master say, independent set).


allegedly, there are large V users in the circle of friends to share a paid Q & A links, 44 questions on the income of 25081 yuan…… (without textual criticism), of course, there are many users who have only been asked a few simple questions and got a single digit money……


to one of the most basic way of thinking and judgment, it is concluded that can afford to pay the answer must be in a certain field has very professional knowledge, high prestige, but also more "friends" to ask.

came to think of it, this kind of attached to the application of a circle of friends pay, play, as early as the beginning of the year, WeChat team has launched: remember the red envelope to see the picture of play,

?Pay reading strategy WeChat

, known live pay quiz launched in the new profit sources to show us a "content" can be directly realized, but business is different from the "play", when the money and get closer, we can find a new profit model, or just fall a laughing stock want money like crazy


background: just right,

this time, when we have know that businesses are all profit play, fleece or wool in pigs, we have deep understanding, has begun to accept the "business to survive" rule.

B station issued a notice, claiming that the patch ad is added to the copyright requirements, but not B, but the station will never fail, the exact word is "B station may be closed in the future, but will never degenerate."." The attitude of the masses on this issue from more "questioning": adding advertising is a breach of promise, become now: "B station really nothing to say, even if a little advertising also recognized, and always support the B station."……"

the mentality of the vast number of Internet users to accept a variety of copyright, pay baptism, Ming Xiao, no profit on the B station and other conscience sites, there is no way to survive the basic truth. At this point, users have gradually moved from the confused "Curse" to "reason", and they are just the right time to pay for reading and pay for questions and answers.


is rich in resourcesIn 2010

, a known, by virtue of the "invitation" construction, to ensure high quality content platform, in 2011 won the innovation works after the investment is to usher in exploring various profitable, until incoming mobile Internet, news client fire, known also ushered in a new scene to know almost daily, or live who.


has known? Has precipitated a lot of quality content, have a great scale of the author has been Kochi, Tencent "in the last year