Talking about the Big Dipper of website team management

some thoughts about website team management, welcome to discuss

a clear responsibility

Permissions for the

team, clear responsibilities, is the first step of the team began to enter the good operation status, responsibilities and authority is a part of the overall site, set up department responsibility for Internet Co, will help improve the overall, otherwise, if the responsibility is not clear or improper, there may be less than the expected in effect, such as "a large website planning department responsibilities" concept, (ladder) Wang Yihui said that the planning department’s responsibilities include "supervise the implementation of this one, but in the actual operation process, we should in-depth analysis, planning departments supervise the implementation of how to supervise whether the powerful urge?


two clear task

Our team

clear what is clear, long-term task and short-term task for us, these tasks may also need to raise the issue of optimization of website operation process we found, it may be the leading task, may also be required to assist other departments of tasks, these tasks we must be clear what to do things should be recorded, not omission.

Sanming really focuses on

has made it clear that the task is not enough. We should also clarify the priorities of these tasks, and prioritize their priorities.

for a website operation, if the main points are not clear, it may lead to the overthrow of work behind the work ahead, as we do the planning and optimization of a web user center, and then we can optimize the user when the center column, and made changes, results, will lead us so to change again, the user center planning, must make overall planning for the project site, the overall point of view.

In front of

, for example, the problem of primary and secondary, and then we have a question of priority.

For example, some departments will

backlog of a lot of work, has not been resolved, the backlog of work more, will be a long time ", other departments will think Voices of discontent." the ability is not enough, the Department will think they have been tried, but the problem is that we have no problem into the order of priority, divided into more anxious the difficulty is small, urgent and difficult, not very anxious and the difficulty of small, not very urgent very difficult, so every day is more urgent and difficult to complete the assault, every time a surprise finish some not very anxious but little difficulty, at the same time, the more anxious and the difficulty is not very urgent and difficult to schedule are implemented step by step, some very simple and very easy to solve the problem, it is not necessary to the backlog for a long time. For example, a web site, every staff and users have put forward many suggestions, some suggestion is very good, but the backlog in the technical team there, which we need to carefully analyze the actual situation, find the solution.

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