What’s the virtual space network downtime optional

what’s the matter? My service has been stopped for 1 full days so far. The customers use the nets like me are waiting for the repair of the server system. Have to wait 1 days to give us this user caused great loss, the results hit N many times the phone is waiting for a word is to repair customer service network, civilink was attacked.

really does not understand, known as China’s leading enterprise network service provider, providing high-quality, fast, stable and secure web hosting services. Even two, three of the emergence of these events should be avoided. Really disappointing users, as a leading brand server hosting business. Did you promise to cash it in front of the user,

?The original choice of

million net, think a multinational capital enterprise, and has a strong technical team. Should be a no matter which aspect, should be a strong ability to resist a company. In the eyes of users, this view is very high, the user is worth choosing, relying on inputs. But now I really don’t know what I got today, and therefore, what is the advantage of network you? What is the space agency! Is really depressing, taking now it seems trustworthy is really too little! Now attack caused economic losses, but also do not know whether they can responsible for the network, really let me sad. It would be better to compare with other space traders at the beginning, but the worst plan would be the same.

now, my feeling is that the things in the big company are not necessarily good things, and I hope people will pay more attention to the choice of space in the future. Now

I’m ready to replace the

space is not in use nets. The reason is all the price is not cheap, the technology is not guaranteed. Through today’s online collection of several hosting business information, we have in the use of the following hosting business products, which virtual space is more stable,


new network, the new network was established earlier, more influential. In the strength of the company and the technical level is not bad in the nets. Provides domain name registration, virtual host, enterprise mail service is the foundation of enterprise information network for more than 60 new enterprise customers, is the Internet based service operators in the industry’s legendary. The space provided by the new network does not know whether the webmaster has used, how stable, the new network price is also a bit expensive.

Tiger wing network, Tiger wing network has so far about one million registered users. It has been proved to be the most stable virtual hosting service system in the world in a few years, and has experienced many hacker attacks and network virus tests. It has been recognized by the customers and the market. At the same time,

tiger wings network is one of the pioneers of free virtual hosting in china. In addition, the Tiger wing network also has a gateway product, which uses advanced server cluster technology to break through the performance bottleneck of single server. The maximum amount of access to the web is no longer limited by the performance limit of a single server. Using portal, you can say that such proprietary technology allows your website to enjoy the same network as the top portals