The road is long come and website promotion (five)

website promotion, the long road and Xi (five) – how to ensure that the original author and website copyright and original content will not be illegal infringement and plagiarism


Author: xinyouqianqian knot 2008/5/6

Since the

understanding and contact network, because the love of literature’s sake; he also wrote many poems in the lyrics. Although experts in fayan, perhaps not worth mentioning, but after all, is the feelings and aspirations from their true. Is my life bit by bit. As a result, a bookish. Get out of hand.

also because understanding and contact to the network, see the exquisite personal homepage made by others, and he wants his usual sense of some story to life, essays and the usual poem lyrics are unfolding in front of everyone. I also like making web pages. Of course, I bought a lot of books about it.

after a lot of hard study and hard work, the website is finally ready. And calling "bookworm Zhai", why? Because it is the loving words;

to be honest, I in a rural work, there is no point in computer basic and even junior high school did not graduate case, was able to make such a truly belong to their own independent website space, it should be regarded as an exception, of course, which also experienced numerous setbacks and hardships. I don’t need to talk too much here. I think, a lot of webmaster colleagues must feel this in the heart. Also have the deep experience.


site is ready, and the next is, of course, publicity. As we all know, a good and popular website is not only reasonable in structure, elegant in design, powerful in function, and so on. And most importantly, it is rich in content and has its own goals and characteristics, which are valuable to visitors. Will be recognized by others. Such a website will have a better and more lasting vitality,


, of course, to do this, not only to update the content, must also adhere to the original content, so as to maintain freshness, it can attract more visitors. Of course, the most important is that we must adhere to their own original content. It is beyond doubt. Now, whether the website is good with the industry, search engines or so, they first recommend the recommended site to do their own features of the original content.

but here, I can’t help asking, we all know that the original works are certainly the best. This is also more able to reflect their own characteristics. And the content of the web site you have the original things, not only the content is novel and unique, others don’t have, but also can be said to be the one and only love, not only the search engine, but also more popular, so it can reflect the characteristics of their own website.

but in today’s Internet is highly developed today, the network can be said to be everywhere. And so close to our lives. >