On the cover of Chinese nternet

, the number of Chinese Internet users has reached 221 million, the more in the United States, becoming the world’s first. When the number of Internet users is increasing, many people want to grab the big cake. As a result, more and more websites appear, but when the websites are springing up, the problems follow. Now I only do so against the statements of a school, understanding


first: network construction site, it is not a high degree of difficulty factor. A simple one day to be able to do well station. In addition, a variety of network open source program, already let us dizzying, don’t know what to choose, when there are many people with the same source program, by the concern of many people, also concerned about the hacker. If a vulnerability occurs, the victims are not only thousands of websites, but also information from most Internet users. We advocate open source program, but we also promote national development, the only way in the same program can quickly make up for their deficiencies, to improve the program to realize the network of Datong!, also won’t let oneself learn the development of network technology is backward, to improve faster. Never improve the overall quality of network health!


second: network hype. Indeed, the web is already N many, many do not want to say you number! "" friends very love "Sister Lotus", people will not stir fry, why did I. As long as you can cook, it’s hard to be famous. The reason why I wrote this is because 56 days ago. Com 80 after 90 after watching the video call, I don’t just think and you feel more vulgar, disgusting, some words inside with insulting words is serious, is not conducive to purify the network intolerable to the ear, and when this video is not rare by tens of thousands of hits, just want to ask why the 56 is not strict the video content checks? The influence of the site so much, why not the China network environment out of a force? The network has already become a blade, can make good use of the public service, on the other hand, we don’t believe that you talk about! "" friends can know.

third: network security. Believe that more or less webmaster has the website to be attacked distress, same, I also have. The Internet has become a tool for some hackers to sell chickens, DDOS., and so on. The network sells data everywhere, and if you want it, someone can take it or even the entire server. This also exposes a common disease in the network — network security.

The safety of

, an anti attack! People attack, one door. There are loopholes, there are attacks, there are attacks, but also protection. But there are several really effective measures to protect against, and there are several kinds of programs that can really withstand attacks. I’ve hacked into a server, poor database SA, and the password is simple: admin is back to you with 3389. Security measures such high "server", and which webmaster to rent space, do a good job already appeared loopholes protection, security may be higher, will have to be able to analyze the system vulnerabilities alone or less. Sure, when they analyze it