Webmaster personal experience, website operation 2 months of actual situation

Yi Shang Chengpin has been 2 months, 2 months basically play to their maximum capacity, whether it is from the propaganda or website operation above, under the actual situation and we talk about.

first, let’s talk about the traffic, the current site of IP daily basic maintenance in 300, PV in 3000 or so, sometimes high, sometimes low, generally each customer can access 10 pages, the average residence time of 49.13 seconds.

second is the source domain, the search engine has become the biggest source of traffic to our website, every day there are about 50 or so; the first time customers are basically come from advertising posts, is almost 100% now, the source advertising posts has been reduced to 50% the proportion that the popularity of the site has been gradually improved. The. The proportion of traffic sources is about: search engine 17%, ad post 50%, and direct input 33%.

third is a web site, Baidu has included 1350 pages, every day is still included, and can be updated daily snapshot; Google included 300 pages, and not included in Google, but Google has put the collection of pages put out, released every day about 10 pages, soso included 20, Sogou included page 1590, Yahoo included 312 pages, and Google is the same, other search engines have attention.

fourth is the keyword ranking, the website has a keyword ranking row on the first page of the top, such as: Hangzhou is the best men’s clothing, consignment and so on, in the top 2 page keyword more than 20.

fifth is a registered number, currently the number of registered sites has reached about 700, these days every day there are about 20 customer registration, registration rate of 6.7%, to be honest, I of the figure is very dissatisfied, if there can be 30% of the registered rate is relatively good, continue to work hard.

sixth is the customer area details, at present the customer browsing page most frequently is the main area of Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shanghai, this is also reflected from the side face of the domestic e-commerce development of a basic situation.

seventh is customer loyalty, from the beginning of operation to the present, the first visit to 79.39% customers, a return visit to nine visits, the ratio is: 17.01%, more than ten visits, the proportion of 3.6%.

eighth is one of our basic daily trading volume, on turnover of 1000 yuan, some people might say you only 300 of IP, a turnover of 1000 yuan is blown, in fact this is true, because we do e-commerce has been 4 years, e-commerce is also there is little research, products and services in addition to their own, this is not a difficult task to do. Last year we trained a client, six months later, daily traffic >!