Small and medium owners to win in China should pay close attention to website user loyalty

Before entering the

topic today, we talk about the most China website is currently rely on what to develop, so as to survive: content, users, search engines, three are indispensable, and search engine optimization is the key in the development of the small station side. Because for small and medium websites, there is no search engine support service can be said to be a fatal blow. A web site to do better, search engines are not included, it is difficult to grow up. Webmaster every day around the website optimization, website ranking and struggle, and whether to think how to get rid of this situation? Since ancient times, not as good as geography, geographical location as good as any. Then, when the content of the network is "day", "location" is the search engine, while "people" and "users" are the loyalty. Improve the user’s loyalty to the site, you can break the small and medium-sized websites rely on the drawbacks of search engines.

1: loyalty degree definition

The definition of

loyalty can literally be seen, and the more loyal to your site, the greater the coefficient. On the site of the competition: high user loyalty that users to other sites give you the condition is relatively high, and the user’s loyalty is low indicates that users give up your condition is relatively low, so the user is more likely to be poached. Let’s say a simple example: if you work in a company, if your boss and colleagues are especially nice to you, the salary is very satisfying, and psychologically you will be loyal and sentimentally attached to them. And the other company wants to poach you, it will be a lot of trouble. Conversely, if you don’t have any feelings about the company, other companies will give up some of the better jobs, and the loyalty of the web is the same.

two: who does the user loyal to


whether in real life or in the internet. In all industries, customer satisfaction is the most important. In the network is still the case, only the user satisfaction, will allow users to form a habit and dependence. So, who are the users loyal to, part of themselves, and partly services and products?. Just like the Internet users are accustomed to the use of QQ, like the QQ to bring convenience and demand, and secondly, the user has its feelings, and paid the energy. Therefore, after a summary, we still get "user loyalty" is the product of convenient loyalty, is to pay their own loyalty, in the network, the more users pay, loyalty is higher."

three: improving loyalty

since we say that user loyalty is mainly composed of two aspects: convenience and demand, users pay much. Then we will start with these two aspects to increase user loyalty to the website:

1 brings convenience and demand to users. Competition in the industry, in the hands of how to eliminate competitors, to win the favor of users is the key. Therefore, the need for more comprehensive services to win the satisfaction of users, details determine success or failure, the Internet has given everyone the same opportunities, who is more professional, then the share in this area also >