ndividual stationmaster changes from stationmaster to store manager

access to personal website is 05 years in April, when the manager asked me to optimize the company’s website, did not experience said to the manager, did not understand the optimization, the manager said never mind, learn to learn it, but also told me that if the words he listed on some suggestions to the boss my wages, when said categorically, later words do go up, before the so-called commitment are not fulfilled. But I still thank our manager because he gave me the chance.

Remember that

is the beginning of a Witkey information station (http://s.51mingxing.com.cn), then Witkey has just started, this kind of information platform with no one, and soon a.Cn registered domain name, with a blog site program to ride up, then I will not meet the blog, website with dedecms, the site information comprehensively and no competition, and easy task China this kind of pig, the first Witkey website do Links website, also slowly some popularity, some Witkey sites have approached me about cooperation.

what happened I didn’t think the website was hacked, was implanted Trojans, felt very angry, flay the site closed, this is 3 months, led directly to delete the site search engine. Later decided to re do the site, then made a lot of friends will make mistakes, follow the trend of the site before! No profit, simply directly to the site, the first is changed into the game station, then changed into a movie station, a search engine performance is also good, then Baidu shot, I k the site, Google kind, but the ranking has plummeted.

station enthusiasm began to cool, with warm feel loss is also fine, without those worries about the site, the focus of the work is also transferred to the program. Until one day I met a friend on the Internet and asked him what he had been doing recently, he told me that he was selling things and that his business was good. I didn’t ask him, he said he made a stand, then the keywords go up, although the flow is good, but how also can not earn much money, the day is very anxious, he once met his nephew home, suddenly wake up, his nephew wears a website with his master one’s clothes. He wondered why he couldn’t sell something related to his site through his own web site,


later on, I didn’t need to describe it. In fact, the process is not complicated. It is a change of profit mentality. This friend has completed the change from webmaster to manager, and has been very successful. He told me that he would choose to open a store when he had a certain amount of money to accumulate. Here just want to bless him, wish him the future road smooth sailing,


webmaster friends, take a look at the station in your hand. How much money can you earn from those advertising alliances? How long will this money last? These are unknown numbers. The train of thought decides the way out, sometimes think more, there are many ways to go